Sign Filo


The Sign chair is celebrating its anniversary creating a new product with great impact and personality.
The new Sign Filo is a perfect combination of design and craftsmanship and it is built up like a refined jewel. In fact the creative process of this chair reminds the ancient goldsmith’s technique of filigree that is carried out by interweaving and welding thin wires of precious metals.
Forty-five meters of steel wire in four different diameters, draw Sign Filo’s silhouette.

As for the processing of a jewel, the product’s single components – 16 shoulders and 12 cross wires – are assembled by hand with over 226 sealing points.

The artisan component is anything but secondary, in the assembly and galvanising phases in the colours black chrome and gold, which highlight the uniqueness and care dedicated to each element, as if it were an actual piece of jewellery. Sign Filo is made entirely in Italy with top quality materials and production processes.

For detailed information visit the MDF Italia brand page.