Minima 3.0

Bookcases & Storage

Today Minima 3.0, evolves and renews, turning into a more versatile and adaptable furnishing system, capable of joining more functions. The new Minima 3.0 is divided into 5 types: GROUND-RESTING, HANGING, SKETCH, SIDEBOARD AND ROOM DIVIDER.

MINIMA 3.0 IN THE GROUND-RESTING VERSION comes in EIGHT HEIGHTS: 42.5 / 79 / 115.5 / 152 / 188.5 / 225 and the new heights 261.5 and 298 cm. New shelves with LED lights integration.
MINIMA 3.0 IN THE HANGING VERSION comes in FOUR HEIGHTS: 38 / 74.5 / 111 / 147.5 cm.

MINIMA 3.0 SKETCH is a dynamic and eye-catching wall composition collection, lending itself to different functios and interpretations..
MINIMA 3.0 SIDEBOARD is a functional and multipurpose sideboard collection, to be used both as a partition and as a wall element either for the living or the night area. Minima Sideboard separates, contains and gives space a good rhythm.
MINIMA 3.0 ROOM DIVIDER, is an extremely flexible system, which reaches 3 meters in height. It was born to separate, and it divides in a functional way both residential and contract spaces. It’s not just a bookcase, but a versatile system suitable for different uses, in line with the fast and multitask era of the web.

Thus, a minimal and charismatic furnishing solution, that extends its customisation options, to adapt to different end uses and to meet different customers’ needs.

For detailed information visit the MDF Italia brand page.