Alison Iroko Outdoor

Outdoor Furniture

A seating system designed in 2006, and now in its iroko version, in a way foreshadowed the concept of the Lifescape Collection. In other words, a range of furnishings whose use was specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The sleek design of Alison Iroko Outdoor, with its simple squared-off lines, finds its ultimate expression in the choice of iroko heartwood for its exposed frame.

Its warm color and smooth touch, thanks to the natural finish, lend the frame a bold look and play up the architectural details, like the 45° angle joint on the arms.The clean lines of the frame are matched by the seat, back and armrest cushions that share the same square shape, but are generously padded. A new, exclusive collection of exterior fabrics, available in sophisticated colors and textures, lends a crisp, lively note to the Alison Iroko Outdoor sofas. Iroko wood furniture frames rest on stainless steel tips set into slots in the wood. This technique eliminates direct contact between the wood and the outdoor surface as a safeguard against damage due to humidity.

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